The Galleries

Art for every size, budget & taste 


The Galleries

Art for every size, budget & taste 

for the last seven years, I have had the OPPORTUNITY to live and work in some unique places, from Myanmar, to armenia, and zimbabwe.  these people and places become EMBEDDED in the art I create.  

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utilized discarded material including glass, cardboard, paper, and bits of trees as part of a commentary on social interactions



symbolic figurative with strong lines and focused hues posed symbolically to represent changing identities 


Intimate          Ink

careful observations of quadratic life which form a literally a visual  ink journal documenting life around the world

sold works




Christmas Eve Eve banner_web.png

Christmas Eve eve

December 23, 2018


CCC: Christmas FAIR

December 8, 2018


Zimbabwe German Society: Festive

December 1, 2018

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U.S. Embassy, harare: Christmas bazaar

November 8, 2018

The Picture Frame.jpg

The Picture frame-  Now Exhibiting

47 Churchill Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe

June 2017 - present


Wechi-  Now Exhibiting

167 Enterprise Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe

June 2017 - present


The Corridor: Zvishandiswezve, Recycle

October - November, 2018 Solo Exhibition

IMG-20180828-WA0006 (1).jpg

Tanglewood artzone: Contours

September 14 - 15, 2018 Group Exhibition


verandah Gallery: Art in spring

September 9, 2018 Group Exhibition

Registration Form 2018.jpg

Wild Geese : Art Festival 2018

June 2018 Group Exhibition

Furniture & Art.png

33 Harry Pichanick: Furniture & ART

May 2018 Duo Show

March Miniatures.jpg

Wechi: March Miniatures

 March 2018 Group Exhibition

IoT horizontal.png

open House: Images of TREACHERY

 February 24, 2018 Solo Exhibition


U.S. Embassy Harare: Christmas Bazaar

November 14, 2017


Art In Spring 2017_website.jpg

Verandah Gallery: Art IN Spring

September 2017 Group Exhibition

Wild Geese : Art Festival 2017

June 2017 Group Exhibition

open House: discarded surfaces

February 2017 Solo Exhibition

U.S. EMBASSY yerevan: 2nd anual EXHIBITION

April 2016 Group Exhibition

hayp Pop up Gallery: Lips of Pride

April 2016 Group Exhibition

The Green Bean

March & April 2016 Solo Exhibition


July - Dec. 2015 Group Exhibition


Modern Art Museum, Yerevan

Dec. 2015 One Day Group Exhibition 



Nov. 2015 Solo Exhibition 


hayp pop up gallery: The scale of Life 

Aug. 2015 Group Exhibition

US Embassy Fine Arts Exhibition.png

1st annual Yerevan Embassy exhibition

June 2015 Group Exhibition

Open House

Open House: East meets west

June 2015 Solo Exhibition

Pansodan Scene:

Last Compositions

Feb. 2014 Solo Exhibition

Nawaday Tharlar:

Manner of Seeing

Sep. 2013 Solo Exhibition