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Artist statement


Artist statement


The Art of Melissa Finkenbiner

 For the last six years, I have had the opportunity to work and live in some unique places, from Myanmar to Armenia and Zimbabwe.  These environments and the people who live in them, become embedded in the art I create.  Each figure and scene, embraces life in an ever changing world.

unconventional upcycled

My most recent body of work utilizes drawing techniques with unconventional surfaces of discarded materials including glass, cardboard, handmade paper, and even discarded bits from trees. The images and material form a commentary about social interactions.  

Allegorical Oil

Figures with strong lines and focused hues are posed symbolically in my oil works.  These figures represent underlying truths about life.  I paint them without hair as a mechanism to represent a passing identity.

Intimate Ink

Varying from my oils, my miniature works in ink are careful observations which take on a life of their own.  These ink works are literally a visual journal of the world I see around me.  




Nawaday Tharlar Pyay Way.jpg

The Galleries

Art for every size, budget & taste 

The Galleries

Art for every size, budget & taste 

Note: Any image can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnails below.  Details and prices will appear when hovering over enlarged image on a standalone computer.  If using a mobile devise, please contact artist for details. 


works large and small made from rubbish.

$150 - $700


symbolic figurative oil works.

$300 - $1,000

Intimate          Ink

ink journal pages done in the moment.


sold works




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open House: Images of TREACHERY

 February 24, 2018

The Picture Frame.jpg

The Picture frame-  Now Exhibiting

47 Churchill Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe

June 2017 - present


Wechi-  Now Exhibiting

167 Enterprise Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe

June 2017 - present

U.S. Embassy Harare: Christmas Bazaar

November 14, 2017


Art In Spring 2017_website.jpg

Verandah Gallery: Art IN Spring

September 2017 Group Exhibition

Wild Geese : Art Festival 2017

June 2017 Group Exhibition

open House: discarded surfaces

February 2017 Solo Exhibition

U.S. EMBASSY yerevan: 2nd anual EXHIBITION

April 2016 Group Exhibition

hayp Pop up Gallery: Lips of Pride

April 2016 Group Exhibition

The Green Bean

March & April 2016 Solo Exhibition


July - Dec. 2015 Group Exhibition


Modern Art Museum, Yerevan

Dec. 2015 One Day Group Exhibition 



Nov. 2015 Solo Exhibition 


hayp pop up gallery: The scale of Life 

Aug. 2015 Group Exhibition

US Embassy Fine Arts Exhibition.png

1st annual Yerevan Embassy exhibition

June 2015 Group Exhibition

Open House

Open House: East meets west

June 2015 Solo Exhibition

Pansodan Scene:

Last Compositions

Feb. 2014 Solo Exhibition

Nawaday Tharlar:

Manner of Seeing

Sep. 2013 Solo Exhibition