This was my first experiment with the etched and inked glass.  I cleared the remaining glue residue with a lemon and started with a freshly charged battery making the process far more successful.  For the inking process I tossed the brayer aside remembering that with intaglio I used scrap beveled mat board.  As I do not have mat board here with me I beveled off a strip of the cardboard backing from my sketch book. This worked great!

The idea behind all of this was Eric's suggestion to work directly on the glass instead of creating something behind the old window.  In keeping with my love for ink I decided I would etch ad ink the glass.  This is the first experimentation after research and tossing ideas about.  I figured that a tree was the easiest image to free hand and I used an old dressing bottle.  This meant no purchase of glass was necessary and who does not love recycled ideas?  

Why am I clever? I would like to think that I invented a new art technique from my understanding of printmaking merged with glass etching.  Though the reality is it has probably already been done and I have just never seen it.