This is an old piece that I am reworking.  I thought I knew where I was going with it but today while working I started to rethink the clothing.  The idea was to put her in 18 century underwear (stays and camisole) and have here holding a wig of the same era.  This is based on French theatre which was very exaggerate and public at times.  I wanted the figure to be in the undress, stepping off stage as the scene changes.  Then I got to thinking, that part of "Passage of Identity" is transcending time and culture.  I am fearful that the underwear will tie her too tightly to the time period.  These things will have to be mulled over and talked out.  Other than this strange dilemma I really like the way the face and arm are sculpting.  It was a good idea to pull her out and rework her to a clear and finished state.