I have been in the D.C. area for less then twelve hours but my art is my priority.  I am setting up my studio space on the small patio of our one bedroom apartment.  It is a big change from our house with the full basement I had for studio space.  The good thing is it only temporary.  We will be here till December before heading to Burma.  I will only have a couple weeks of unbearably cold weather but I can always move inside if my tiny space heater and sweaters are not enough.  Right before I left I had Ruthie DeVito take some more photos for me.  There is a completed "Icarus."  I know it might be hard to believe he is done but I am hanging up my paint brush with him.   It took a long time but I fixed all the areas that where troubling to me.  "Woman with the Long Neck"  will be on hold till the second weekend in October when my parents can bring her down.  She is so big she would only fit in my vehicle if I packed her and nothing else.  I chose everything else over her.  The painting of "Madonna and Child" is also incomplete but I thought it would be better to have a good progress picture over nothing.  I hope to finish her this next week.  I wanted to put all my energies into "Woman with the Long Neck" since I knew I would not see her for a while.  We also retook "Mortality of the Inferno" because the lighting at High Roads was good for viewing not photos.  Jerry Platt was right.  Natural sunlight is absolutly the best.  Below is "the picture Ruthie took of "Woman with the Long Neck."  Check out all these photos in the Galleries: Passage of Identity.