My Birthday present to myself was painting all day in the midst of all the chaos. I got a lot done on my "Woman with the Long Neck." Unfortunately while transporting her, I realized she demands all the space in our vehicle to herself. This begs the question: how am I going to move her to D.C. with me? I have a couple ideas but for now I will get as much done on her as I can. At this point I have painted in the cherubs painting, the curtains, and sketched in the rest of the background. I was delaying this blog post while I figured out how to upload my pictures. Here is the unedited picture I took of "Woman with the Long Neck" on Saturday. I also have new pictures to post of the completed "Icarus" and almost complete "Madonna and Child.". These will all go up next week once I am in D.C. with my photographs by Ruthie DeVito and my tech-savvy husband.