The fabric has been painted in "Madonna and Child."  I believe that I got the "Mary blue" which is so symbolic in any Madonna piece. My ability to paint fabric has come a long way from Painting II when I was in college.  I love how dynamic the fabric is but it started to take the spotlight from the figures.  I have began to add highlights and lowlights to the Madonna but I still want to bring Mikey back for a sitting to give him more life.  He has gotten so big and I am glad I started him when I did.  Despite his growth he still has those bright eyes and sweet cheeks.   However, I must move on and once again beginning a new painting.  I now have four paintings in an unfinished state.  It would be nice to finish some but I need this for the Mixed Media show at the Highroad Gallery.   After "Who I Was and Who I Am" (the new piece) goes up I will be able to get back to finish the others.