So I joined COPA (Central Ohio Plein Air) on Saturday. It is refreshing getting out to paint in such a beautiful area. I also feel pushed to paint more whenever I join up with other artist. I only wish I loved it more. Painting a model in a group setting removes my ability to choose the time settings and to get up close. Besides I have become hooked on painting on canvas and panels as big as me and having all my books and mediums at my fingertips. I am sorry to say but despite my love for the outdoors I am a studio artist at my core. If only I can learn to get in the studio on regular basis and learn to work much faster, I would be so much better. An artist like Steven Walker puts me to shame. There is a reason he is a professional artist making a living on his art and I am not. Once more I am determined to make painting my priority instead of letting life get in the way.