Like always this post is late so this is old news for some.  I recently finished another commissioned ink and water color of elves. Eric's coworker Robin really liked the one I did for Bonefish Grill but the project got put behind Christmas projects, my sister's wedding dress, and "Madonna and Child."   Sadly the later two still have some work to be done.  I shelved these and a couple other projects so I could finally get it out to her. So it is a bit late, or early for Christmas (depending how you look at it). Now I am preparing "A Commentary on Wisdom" for the Motorist exhibit and working on journals and ink work for Feast of Ste. Claire. The paintings go up Friday morning and the festival is a week away so it has been crazy! Below is "Milk and Cookies Were Not Enough II."  Now I am going to go fix these frames 24 hours before they need to go up!