So I am stepping out of my solitary studio and seeking an art community. I have been living in Columbus for over two years and this is long over due. I spent the first year blaming my new environment that had none of my former art community. I eventually learned to depend on myself to find ideas and foster what I learned. I have a direction for my portfolio and I have been working through my concept. Now I need the push and connections of other artist. Ruthie has been great but she is almost as lost as I. So I am currently surrounded by a group of artist that have twenty years to my baby career of an artist. The speaker, Steven Walker is a bit closer in age. What he has accomplished shames me yet I am challenged. Just telling his story of moving from an artist in college to finding a career as a great artist encourages me to push along. This is what this introverted artist needed. If I am passionate about my painting then I need to stop making excuses and paint more.