Like always this picture is a couple of days late but I wanted to get some areas painted in before posting.  I have begun clairifying the hands and arms that were just blobed in place.  The face and uper body have been refined a bit more with areas such as the eyes, and pushing down her left shoulder to help exagerate the appearance of a long neck.  while working on the hands I came to the conclusion that my hands are better models for my masculine figures such as Icarus.  Although my hands are small they are rough and knuckly so as of Monday night she hand man hands!  This was a bit counter pruductive to creating a fragile devine figure.  I shrunk and smoothed them out a bit and I believe that they are much better.  The last thing I have done at this point is placing the outline of the upper body.  I realized this was nesasary to figure out the placement and size under what will be a large green silk robe.  Sometime I feel like full nudes are simply easier to work with because there is no guessing of where the dips and curves  of the skeleton and muscles are.  Thank you for any feedback on the progress.