With Melissa Finkenbiner's transient lifestyle of moving around the world, her art draws inspiration from each place she lives.  If you are interested in which art is for purchase, these can be viewed under Galleries on the Welcome page.


From the Garden

As I await the shipment of my things, including my painting supplies, I am creating some mixed mixed pieces. The series is inspired by discarded bits of plants from my garden.

It started with a tree, in a clay pot, in my garden, that died.  I cleared the  branches and dug up the roots intact.  Other pieces of this series will make use of seed pods, tree stumps, more roots, and images of plants and little critters. In keeping with some of my favorite materials, I am incorporating found glass, handmade paper, scraps of fiber, wax, pastel, and of course, ink.  



Art From Myanmar

Myanmar & Asia



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